07 June 2010

And hand in hand....

By the edge of the sand, they danced by the silvery moon.

What happens when 2 people separated by 20 plus years get reunited again? Well, first 3 arrived from New Zealand to join the 3 already in Wales, then Spots from Gloucesterhire, then the Sussex crowd then more from Kent and Oxford. The 18 went off in 2 boats to mark the symbolic reunion of they who have been parted by many years.

Not a sad occasion. A joyous one, celebrating love and the lives which have sprung from this one, original love. A occasion to be cherished today, to be remembered tomorrow and to be reflected on for years to come.

So here is to fishy circles and turnip crabs and the generations who will follow.

16 May 2010

09 January 2010


Sometimes, the Munchkin chatters away to himself. This is common particularly while he is chomping down some grub.

Recently, we had these.

"A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood. He saw a Gruffalo and he said HOOT"

"Incy Wincy Spider climbed the tree and it snowed and he froze - HE'S DEAD MUMMY"

"Incy Wincy Spider climbed the water spout, he fell down and had another go - WELL DONE spider!"

A-musing Munchidotes

Parent: Time for bed, kiss everyone good night then

Munchkin: No, not kiss Ah Ma

Parent : Why not?

Munchkin: Not like her freckles, take your freckles off please Ah Ma. Then I kiss you

Munchkin: Can I lick him?

Parent: Who?

Munchkin: Uncle Sam the chock-lit man. He made of chok-lit

Munchkin: Daddy, where the roof?

Daddy: Roof?

Munchkin: The roof over my head.

(N.B. Munchkin's parents have, in an attempt to instill a strong work ethic in Munchkin, told him that they have to go to work to provide adequate shelter and food for him)

Munchkin: I want to go on the Smelly-o-la

Munchkin's bedtime reading this week is Treasure Island and is very impressed with the good ship Hispaniola

Munchkin: I am going into the bath with spiderman

Mummy: Why?

Munchkin: Cos I want to baptise spiderman

Munchkin: Where the font?

Mummy: There it is

Munchkin: Is water in it?

Mummy: Yes there will be later

Munchkin: Where the tap, mummy?

Munchkin (dragging Hayley the bear along): I going to the other room

Daddy: Why are you going there?

Munchkin: Cos you will laugh at me in here

Daddy: No we won't. stay in here

Munchkin: No Daddy. Is PRIVATE.

06 January 2010

Frosty the snowman

Happy Snow Day! Today we have mainly been:

  • building snow things - men, dinosaurs, bunnies, things......
  • pelting each other and every unsuspecting neighbour with snowballs
  • sledging
  • shovelling
  • eating
  • warming up

and a good day was had by all

15 November 2009

A little catch up....

The family had a little stay-cation a few weeks ago.

We were on the road every morning by 1030 ( a feat in its own right!)
One day we went to Bristol Zoo

One day we went to Bristol Docks - Munchkin seen here with his bacon roll which he refused to share with the seagulls

On another day, we went in search of Huckford Viaduct - pleased to report that we found it.

We also befriended some Lemurs at Madagascar - Cotswold Wildlife Park - well, maybe befriended is a bit too strong a term.

We definitely befriended Toffee the miniature donkey

And we even managed a bit of DIY!
All in all we had a good rest and a great many fun days out filled with lots of laughter and giggles.

14 November 2009

Novus Orsa

And so with one end, comes a new beginning. With one farewell, comes a welcome, with one death comes a new life.

The circle of life is yet again, complete. Somewhere in the East today, a little blessing arrived, screaming no doubt with the vitality of life, filling a void, providing a hope.

You have been long awaited little one. Welcome!